Thursday, November 19, 2009

November 19

My girl's going back to Australia (next Monday!) with an old laptop of mine; she needed a padded messenger bag for it, of course! Sadly, my lovely machine broke down in the middle of sewing this baby. I lowered the feed dogs to quilt the flap, and they would not rise again. This is a pretty major disaster in Hashiworld, especially as it's going to take many days (or weeks?) to repair at a cost of several hundred dollars. Ack! I do still have my decrepit old model that requires force feeding the fabric, and used it to complete the project, but it was a real struggle.

The laptop in question doesn't close all the way (victim of a past dive from somebody's ::cough::Ian's:: bed) so I made it a matching elastic band to keep it closed, visible here. I had some doubt about which way to orient the pocket, and decided it should be right way up when the flap is completely open. Thus it looks upside down in this shot, and now I'm questioning my decision.

Exterior fabric and zipper are vintage from an estate sale; lining is cut from a thrifted dress. Made with love (OK, and cursing).


nettie said...

Very nice pattern matching!

(Word verification is etramp. What?)

Hashi said...

Sister, I can take no credit for that. I didn't even try to center the design on the bag; it wasn't until I took these photos that I noticed there was a pattern repeat, and that I got it just right! The sewing gods were being kind to me as I cut, in preparation for the nasty trick they were about to pull on me during the sewing process.

deb did it said...

flippin cool bag!!!