Sunday, February 07, 2010

February 7

It's been five weeks since I put on the cape of single-motherhood, and the thing that has suffered the most has been my creativity. I just haven't had the mental space to be creative. I don't know how mothers of toddlers do it; how they snatch ten minutes in which to design and make. I need time and silence, to allow ideas to percolate. Right now I have Lauren and her friend at my back, waiting for the computer so they can shoot a music video, and I'm typing fast to get this posted then I'll abandon my studio again, to retreat to my bedroom with a sketchbook. No wonder I've been knitting; it hasn't required any thought. But I really miss the act of creation; I have to carve myself the space for it. Waiting till the end of April when Josh returns simply isn't going to cut it.


Penny said...

Glad you could see a resembance still! Wondered how you were going.
Nice to get a bit of what you are doing.

Christina said...

Love this quote!