Saturday, August 21, 2010

August 21

Baby blanket and plushieI found myself with an unexpected day at home today. Last night Josh and I started the 5 hour drive to San Francisco to celebrate Chelsea's first birthday, but by the top of the Grapevine he was feeling so crappy (exhausted, sore back, sinus infection) that we returned home.

On the upside, I am so glad that my friends and family keep having babies. I love to spend a few hours hand-stitching blessings into a blanket for a new little life. A wonderful way indeed to spend some bonus hours.


nettie said...

That little sunny face is a real winner - even with a tiny bubby.

deb did it said...

adorable...I can't wait to have babies being born around me...hopefully grandbabies someday!

donab said...

This little bundle is sitting on my kitchen table right now and is so deeply appreciated. I waited to open it until G was here with me and we oohed and awwed over all of its bits. We especially love the little velvet pants (the buttons! the little heart on the waist!), and I'm so looking forward to wrapping our little love up in a gift made with so much love. Thank you!