Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August 25

The sky was awesome as I was driving home tonight. For the last ten minutes, I was snapping photos out the window as I drove. These two were taken at around 7:45 pm, standing in the middle of my street.

Looking west
Looking west.

Looking east
Looking east.

My all-by-myself Australian vacation starts in a week.
I. can't. wait.
I have been giving a lot of thought to what, if any, technology I am going to take with me. While I love the idea of being able to update my blog frequently, I don't love the idea of lugging a laptop. I considered taking the iPad, but I'm not sure I'll have wireless internet in very many places. So I've decided to just take a lot of photos, keep a journal, and do a massive blog update when I get back. If I get the chance to update via someone else's computer, I will. Other than that, I'll just live in the moment and share the joys with you all on my return.


Penny said...

Have a wonderful time Hashi, you can find wireless most places these days but why be bothered, you can always log on somewhere, or just relax and have lots of fun. Looking forward to lots of sketches.

rhea said...

you can update at my place, we have two comps and wireless. I can't wait either!!!!!!!!!!

Wendee said...

Have a fantastic time! I started taking journal notes about a year or two ago on vacations and am so grateful to have even better descriptions of all the sights, sounds, foods and feelings. It's amazing how quickly the details fade from memory, even with photographs and sketches!
Live in the moment and enjoy it all!

nettie said...

You won't be all-by-yourself for long (although I know what you mean). Almost every member of your family (sorry, Pete) will be vying for your company. I. Can't. Wait. Either. Only 8 more sleeps for me.

deb did it said...

you are missed by me!