Sunday, August 01, 2010

August 1

Don't freak out. I'm not really going to wear a vintage bedsheet. It's a muslin.
I spent about four hours drafting, sewing, adjusting, marking, recutting and resewing [ad nauseum] a muslin for Butterick 5147, as my participation in Elizabeth's sew-along. Thank goodness this pattern only has two pieces. Without a dress form or a helper, it's pretty fiddly trying to make a pattern fit my non-standard body. I mean, what's with all the bust darts I seem to need? The pattern has two, but I added another two (from the armscye and neckline) to get it to sit right, so I've ended up with this starburst (hah, I first typed 'starbust') of darts, pointing to my nipple. Wtf? And when all's said and done, I'm unconvinced that a sheath dress, even one that is contoured correctly for my body, is going to be flattering.

But I will persist. I have a brown floral linen blend that I've been saving for a dress, so having got this far, I'll see it through. I even plan to insert my very first invisible zipper. Stay tuned!


Wendee said...

I have to commend your careful and methodical process. Your dress will no doubt fit and look fabulous!! :)

Every time I see the word 'muslin', I'm reminded of a non-sewing friend, who'd taken one cloth-related craft class and from that class on, used the word 'muslim' instead. Oy.

sewabeginner said...

I am SOOOO not a fit expert, but it seems to me that your fish eye darts are too high. They should reach just under your bust. I think you should post your muslin picture on the sew along and ask the other participants that are more experienced than me their opinion.

deb did it said...

You look mighty fine in this bedsheet! Oh darts can be so tricky....but they will make all the difference when located perfectly!!

Kuka said...

Hi Hashi!
Thanks for your comment on my blog! I originally read the Tomorrow series as a teenager, and I just loved all the books! It has been quite exciting to find them just as good this time 'round - I have read most of the second one just today!

I would so wear a dress made from that vintage sheet! It is gorgeous!
I do agree though, that your darts in the front might be a little too high...
I'm just working up to an invisible zip too, and though I've tried one below, I'm still a bit nervous!

donab said...

It is actually quite a lovely bed sheet. :) You recommended a pattern alteration guidebook to me a while back - what was it?