Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cha cha cha

Ballrom dance class

I've wanted to take dance classes, oh, forever.

Yesterday afternoon I was checking out what appears to be the main shopping drag in my new town. It's kind of sad, with lots of empty shopfronts. The main things still sold are school uniforms and inexpensive clothing. But there was an art gallery of sorts, and I wandered in and chatted with the nice man, Sharif. He pointed out the adjacent room where they hold functions and teach ballroom dancing.

"I'm interested in dance classes," I told him.

"Then come back tomorrow night at 7."

So I did.

And I learned to cha cha cha.

And I loved it.

Now I just need some slippery-soled shoes.

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Beck said...

awesome Hashi - I have been doing Zumba and just loooooove it - the salsa, merengue and the whole Latin American style is just so much fun. I cant wait for my dancing nights - its my release, and you will find it becomes more and more so the more that you "get it". For me it is exercise that not just moves my body, but my brain as well. Keep it up - and try salsa too!! Once you start moving those hips you realise just how rigid you are, and start to loosen up!