Thursday, July 28, 2011

The ring

Seven years and nineteen days ago,
it was placed on my finger with ceremony,
in joy and sanctity,
with promise and hope and belief that
this marriage would be different from all the rest.

But it seems it wasn't.

He stopped wearing his years ago.
But I continued, even though we have lived apart for three months,
even though the papers are filed.

I was going to wear it until the day the courts declared it over.
Because our hearts had not declared that fact, for 100% certain.

But tonight he tells me that to heal, he needs to fully let go. For good.

So I take off the ring,
and wonder when my finger will forget.

Because I know for sure: my heart never will.


nettie said...

My sweet sister. I can't wait to give you the hugs that I want to give you right now. See you in two days.

Hashi said...

yes, dear. see you in two days.

Rhea said...

I love you mum. You'll be getting many hugs from me too. I'm so glad that I am adding something to your world when you must feel like so much has been taken away. I can't wait to see you. xo

The Hungry Crafter said...

I hope you can heal as well, Hashi. Many positive thoughts being sent your way during this difficult transition.
I'm looking forward to hearing more about your dance classes -- it seems I was shopping for ballroom shoes here on the east coast at the same time you were getting yours!

SEWN said...

My heart is breaking with you. I know this pain too well. One day you will be happy again. I promise.

Mostly Turquoise said...

Hashi, I'm wishing you strength and yes, I do hope that in the end the healing comes for you also.
Regina, Sint Maarten

Jess said...

Love love love you xx

Anonymous said...

You have my love as well.

- a stranger.

deb did it said...

Oh heart is swollen for you.
I do hope your finger is healed...and it may take time, but your heart will too

joanne said...

no... your heart never will forget... it will carry the scar inside of it for the rest of your life, just as it will carry every other hurt and burden too... but the edges get less painful over time, the way the salt of the sea makes sea glass smooth and wears away the jagged points... over time... and what you discover is that those painful threads coexist with something else... all woven together in the quilt of our hearts... joy...

congratulations for the new life that has come now... the new life that will be a new thread to add to the quilt... a thread of joy...