Saturday, September 09, 2006

September 10

Helen Marie Clark
June 13 1932 — 10 September 2006
Rest in peace, Mama.

Today was one of the loveliest I've had in a long time. My siblings, nieces and I watched dawn strike the Brindabella Mountains from the window of Mum's hospital room, filled with a sense of happiness at her release. We ended the day sharing vegetarian tagine and couscous and champagne and precious memories of this woman who loved us so unreservedly through every day of our lives. I am so incredibly lucky to have had this past ten days -- and forty-six years -- with her. She taught me how to love.

An added bonus was meeting Alison today. Together with Rhea we walked the loop to Hermione's bench, on which we are sitting here. I learned a little of the life and heart of this gracious, wise and peaceful artist. Thank you for sharing, Alison. Let's do some more soon.


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for your loss Hashi. Yet grateful that you have such wonderful people surrounding you at this time.
May your memories fill you for a lifetime.

Julie Oakley said...

Hashi, I've e-mailed you but I am so glad to read that you have such fond and loving memories of your mother. She sounds like a wonderful woman. And what a delight to see this photograph of you and Alison.

Penny said...

Hashi, what a wonderful tribute and I am so glad you and Alison could meet.

Agnes said...

Hashi,I just got home from ten days away and saw your sad news. Your mother sounds like a truly delightful person, and I know you will miss her sorely. I'm so glad you're able to be with your family at this time.

Dionne said...

It't nice to hear that out of the passing of your mother, something great happened, that you got to meet someone new.

Alison said...

This was a lovely outing- and thank you, Hashi for your kind words