Sunday, September 17, 2006

September 17

She left on the five thirty train...
(a poem for Grandma)

Well the winds of change are blowing,
To help her to cross on.
I knew that she was going.
Now I know that she is gone.
I wished I'd said I love you,
Now I know, I can't.
Because the ship has left the harbour.
And the birds have left the park.

While she's flying up above us
While she's sailing out to sea...
I'm comforted, a piece of her
Still lives inside of me.

Written by Tui Cook 12/9/06


didi said...

To Tui and Hashi

A piece of her lives on, inside each of us. We'll miss her...forever. Thank you, Tui.


Julie Oakley said...

That's a lovely poem Tui. Hashi, I'm thinking of you.