Wednesday, September 20, 2006

September 20

Dallas, forgive me for all the mean things I said about you. I said you'd be full of big-haired women with caked-on makeup. I thought you'd be just as polluted as Los Angeles, but hotter and stickier. And worst of all, I thought there'd be nowhere for me to eat. No nice little vegetarian restaurants serving lentil burgers. Just rib joints on every corner, serving huge platters of meat, groaning with cholesterol.

Boy, was I wrong.

My hotel, the Melrose, seems to be in the gay part of town. Cool designer boutiques. Coffee shops with exclusively male clientiele. Condom stores. I feel perfectly safe walking the streets at night. There are THREE vegetarian restaurants within two blocks of here. And most of the rest of the neighbourhood eateries are "vegetarian-friendly", according to the concierge. I haven't tried any of them yet, though, because tonight I went for a walk and discovered ... drum roll ... EATZI'S. It's a bit like Whole Foods without the groceries, but much better. There were so many choices that I was dazzled, and ended up walking out with just a huge salad for five bucks. Tomorrow night I'll also get some teriyaki salmon, maybe.

Dallas, forgive me. I love you. I really, really do.


Julie Oakley said...

Oh well if you have to suffer being away from home, the least you can have is decent food

T2 said...

My company's HQ is in Irving, right outside the big "D" so I visit there often. Crystal Court and The Melrose are my favorite hotels in town. Not uber slick but wonderfully human hotels.

Dallas is a great city and Deep Elum is worth the trip. Don't miss the jazz and blues clubs in this earthy section of D. A diamond in the rough, for sure.

I have a special place in my heart for Fort Worth, however. Given my druthers, I think I like FW just a bit's that human quality that makes it for me.