Saturday, August 11, 2007

August 11

Evie and I went to The Getty today instead of doing our usual Walking L.A. outing. Our focus was the Edward Weston exhibition, but as always we gleaned so much pleasure and amazement from this superlative venue. We still got our exercise, walking up the hill instead of catching the tram. This MirĂ³ sculpture located in the new sculpture garden looks rather like an electric razor in my rendition.

One of the things I really appreciate about living in a large American city is the incredible range of world class art that I can view on any day, for little or no cost. Thank you, philanthropists of the past. I, for one, appreciate your vision and generosity.

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Penny said...

One of the other things about living and not visiting is that you can go again and again. I have friend who is a Miro fanatic, I am not so sure.
I really have been enjoying your wanders and it makes LA seem more like somewhere I would quite like to go, whereas before i dont think I did.