Saturday, August 04, 2007

August 4

Last night Ian (16) was a passenger in a car driven by his 19 yr old friend, when they were struck by another car which ran a stop light at high speed. This pushed them into a head-on collision with a third car, and their airbags deployed. By the time they got out of their vehicle and looked around, the person or people in the first car had run away. It appeared as if that vehicle were stolen, because the stereo system had wires hanging out of it as if it were in the process of being removed.

Thankfully nobody was seriously hurt (thank you, Volvo and BMW), but Ian got an ambulance ride to the ER to check out his chest pains. Bruising from the seat belt and airbag was the diagnosis, and we brought our sore and sorry boy home.


Annie said...

We are thankful, too.
What a scare.

But it shows the difference that airbags and well-made cars make.

didi said...

Poor Ian's looking very sad. Give him a (gentle) hug from me.

Alison said...

Lucky Ian.