Saturday, February 02, 2008

February 2

This morning Evie and I explored the hidden staircases of Franklin Hills, nestled between Los Feliz and Silver Lake. We are still walking our way through "Walking L.A.," and continuing to expand our knowledge and appreciation of the many, varied, delightful neighbourhoods in this amazing city.

And how can one possibly complain about a sky this blue in the middle of winter? I talk with my friends who are knee deep in snow, and know why the traffic is so bad on our freeways. It's the price we pay for our winter weather. Mmmm.
(Click on the pic to enlarge. That's the Griffith Observatory and Hollywood sign in the background.) More photos here.

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Suzanne said...

Hi there! I found my way to you through Sarah Wimperis's blog (via one mile from home). Do you know about the Laurel & Hardy film that was made on these stairs? You can watch most of it on youtube here:

and can see how much the vegetation has grown up (not to mention the city) since it was made in 1932. I'm glad I happened by your blog!

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