Friday, February 15, 2008

February 15

In a rare turn of events, Ian (nearly 17) was actually home on a Friday night. While I made my end-of-the-week curry (yes, this week it's curry, not chili) he hung out with me in the kitchen, playing Janis Joplin, Cat Stevens, and the Beatles, while we both sang along with gusto.

I had no idea, when I married Josh nearly four years ago, that I was also getting a son who would spend an hour or two in my kitchen on a Friday night rocking out with me to classic oldies music at loud volume.

How lucky am I?


Plain Jane said...

Very lucky. And smart, to be able to stop and appreciate it. And such great tunes!!
I can't believe you've been married almost 4 years already--I remember the photos of your surprise wedding!

evie said...

Yes, so very blessed in deed. xo

evie (again) said...

Did I write "in deed??!!" LOL! Well, it is only 4:50 in the morning!! "indeed!!"

rhea said...

I wish I was there to sing along too! Now you've got kids with pretty much every single different type of artistic talent. does he use that buskers bible I gave him?