Tuesday, February 05, 2008

February 5

I picked up this remnant the other day for 50 cents, and tonight turned it into a little shoulder bag, just large enough for my essentials: wallet, keys, phone, glasses (reading and sun), pen, tissue holder, spare shopping bag (I get soooo much use out of this), business card holder and dental floss. What are YOUR essentials?


Sandra ;) said...

Cute bag! I love remants too, but rarely find cool or pretty stuff - mostly my fabric store has really UGLEEEE remnants - yuck!

My essentials --- wallet, keys, and a humbug bag with must-have toiletries (Visine and handcream, lol) :)

Rhea said...

You know me mum, I've been carrying a world in my bag for quite a few years now. Remember that furry bag I made??

Right now I'm carrying around two note books (A5 size) one is a diary, one just a notebook, my wallet, phone, roll-on deoderant, ciggerette case and lighter (sorry mum), sunnies, various pens and pills (birth control, asprin etc), bus and ferry timetables, keys and breathmints. it weighs a good few kilo's but whenever I think there's something I can do without and I take it out, I need it the next day. always happens...

Kris Henderson said...

Hi Hashi!
Well, you sure do have a way with fabric lady! Love the bags, the robe, the quilt. And your family...well they looked very well loved by you :)
Hope you are well!