Thursday, February 21, 2008

February 21

My sweet sister has opened her birthday gift early, so I can now safely post a pic. She writes:
"Darling sister,
I’ve come home early to get ready for my coast trip. I stopped in via the PO and, with delight, collected a parcel from you. Now, of course, I could not possibly wait until next Wednesday to open it. And….. I love it, love it, love THEM. A beautiful knitting bag (complete with feet and bendy opening thing) and the sweet little knitting markers (is there nothing you cannot do??), in a gorgeous knit-y box. And I love the paper, and I love the card, and I love the NY envelope. And I adore my lovely pin cushion, my week 1 prize (I was secretly coveting one of these when I saw your friends with their pin cushion gifts). And of course, it will go very nicely with my brand new sewing machine (in which you held a conspiring role!!).
Oh, dearest sister. I feel so elated. And I feel pretty loved, too, after reading the birthday notes from all the Meltzerz.
I love you very very much.

Gave me the warm fuzzies, it did.

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didi said...

I am a very, very lucky sister.