Saturday, July 31, 2010

July 31

It feels so luxurious when it's only Saturday afternoon and I already feel like I've had a whole weekend. But I get tomorrow off too! NICE!

While still in my jammies (OK, I stayed in my jammies till 1pm. What?) I finished Round 2 of the felt food lunchbag.

Then I grabbed Lauren and got her to model the Young Lady's Purse.

This was made by sewing strips of assorted lace to a base fabric, then dyeing the whole thing. The different fiber contents take the dye in varying amounts, resulting in a monotone smorgasbord that's texturally and visually yummy. The bag itself is not as long as it looks; the last two rows extend beyond the bottom of the bag, creating a little 'skirt'. Would anyone like a tutorial on this? I could be persuaded to write one.

My model decided we needed some 'action shots'.
(Do those legs go on forever or what?) Sorry about the compost bin in the background. No time for set dressing. I was being rushed, and bossed around.


Penny said...

Hmm she certainly has grown.Love the bag.

deb did it said...

YES! of course a tutorial would be marvelous!! I love how each fabric/lace content received the dye differently! You are having SEW SEW much fun...I am envious yet very inspired! I plan to make hot mits today from old jeans!!