Thursday, May 17, 2007

May 17

Today was spent tramping around Soho and Greenwich Village. Kate's Paperie is in the middle of a huge moving sale; stock is severely denuded but what is there is very cheap. I got some lovely paper. Here's me enjoying a visual feast at The Point Knitting Café. We also went to Purl Soho (both the knitting and patchwork shops) but by then sister had completely blown her yarn budget so we didn't seek out any more yarn stores.
We took a breather at Le Petit Café, where someone who looked a bit like Calista Flockhart took our photo ....
...and I sketched the mirror on the wall. We then continued with our quest for a jacket for me (sister's birthday gift to me) which we finally located at Eileen Fisher. We finished up the day with a play: A Moon for the Misbegotten, starring Kevin Spacey.

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shirley said...

I'm so enjoying your photos and travels in my hometown. Several times I thought how amazing it would be for me to see you here! hope it is/was a fabulous vacation for both of you!