Wednesday, May 09, 2007

May 9

So, where to find a shady spot in which to sketch? Aha! The Hidden Chateau! I haven't been there since last year. But I have a feeling I'll be making quite a few return visits this summer.


Alison said...

Great sketch of a strange fountain

Tui said...

Mum? this is off topic..But I just wanted to tell you.
I called Kathy and offered for her to have Jai for the June/July holidays ..she said that she would love that.
Later she called me back and said that those dates corresponded with her skiing holiday and could she take Jai. I aggreed and then she said It's in New Zealand. I was a little suprised but have agreed. HOW EXCITING!! She has asked me not to tell him yet, cause she has to organize things and get his passport ect but Jai might be going overseas!! Pretty scary!! lol

Tui said...

Oh and one more thing..
I booked myself in for a set of three driving lessons with a lovely lady for some time in July. I'm not going to tell anyone yet. I want to do this secretly.