Monday, May 07, 2007

May 7

My friend Lola asked me to make her a bag she could take on her sign language interpreting assignments. It had to be big enough to hold a FedEx envelope, and have a pocket for her flashlight. Apart from that, she said, "Surprise me." I selected some fabric and got her approval before proceeding, but when it came to embellishing the bag, I scoured my stash for inspiration. To my delight, I came across these green antique gloves I bought (and sketched) last year. I shaped them into the sign for "interpret" and sewed them on. Voila! I love it, and hope Lola does too!
Spotted in the carpark (parking lot) of my local shopping centre. I liked the contrast between the two plants in close juxtaposition.


Julie Oakley said...

That is absolutely fantastic - oh I am so so impressed. Wonderful!

Alison said...

Great fabric and design

Tui said...

I love That bag mum!!
(the gloves were a great idea)