Saturday, December 06, 2008

December views, day 6

After the HSL (housework/shopping/laundry) was done today, I offered Lauren some suggestions of places we could go this afternoon. A Kwanzaa festival. A Festival of Lights celebration. The Local World's Fair. She looked at them all and said, "How about a hike?"

Absolutely, my dear. I gave her the book to pick one, and off we went.

It was just lovely, strenuous and beautiful. And on the way home ...

...serenaded by love songs from the back seat...a wonderful sunset.


nettie said...

I'm loving your December views. And a hike? Looks like it was fun.

mARTa said...

This is why so cal is so great!

lissa said...

lovely place to take a walk and what great sunset at the end

Penny said...

Hi Hashi and Lauren, what a great hike, Lauren looks just as I remember, gorgeous grin.
I am loving your December days.
Sent a parcel hope it arrives before Christmas.