Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last views of 2008

We had planned a trip to the snow today, but the recent week of warm weather has melted all the local white stuff. So we decided to hike at the beach instead.Although it was sunny and warm at home, the coastline was chilly and misty. We climbed Point Dume, armed with binoculars, [some of us] optimistic about whale or dolphin sighting.To our delight, there was a pod of dolphins close to shore! I was especially happy that Josh was there to see them. He's never seen dolphins in the wild here, and has scoffed at my claim that I frequently see them on my way to work. A few actually did big leaps for us, but the only thing I managed to record was the after-splash.When we climbed back down to the beach, Josh sat in the car with the heater running (he HATES the cold) while Lauren danced with delight at the water's edge.

It's been a good year.

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