Wednesday, December 31, 2008

One little word

My one little word for 2009 is FEED.

I love to cook, and I will of course continue to feed my family [pretty much] healthy and [hopefully] delicious meals every day in the coming year. But I want to expand my focus to include:

~ feeding others. Going forward, every Sunday night is Open Dinner at the Meltzers'. Please feel free to join us for the evening meal, served at six. Just let me know by noon if you're coming. You're all welcome!

~ feeding my creativity. Nature, art galleries, bookstores and blogs are regular sources of inspiration for me, and I will continue to drink from these wells; I would also like to take classes and mingle with more artists this year.

~ setting a lovely table. I noticed at Christmas that I tend to just spread out a tablecloth and put the food on it; I'd like to work on making beautiful table settings too.

~ food photography. Now that I have a fabulous macro lens, I want to use it! I am in awe of spectacular food photography, and want to develop skills in this field.

~ feeding my dreams, through savings and visualizations.

~ feeding my health, physical and mental. Stretching, hiking, breathing deeply, yoga, walking ... I will spend time every day on one or more of these.

I'm looking forward to a very well-fed year.

What's YOUR one little word?


nettie said...

Can I book a few Sunday dinner dates in April?

Hashi said...

You never have to book. I will feed you ANY TIME, sister dear.

Anonymous said...

after reading nina's post this morning about one little word i was immediately struck with the word: CHOOSE. it is what i need to do this year. choose my path. choose my life. choose who i am going to be.