Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Show and Tell: hand knitted socks

Handmade socks, by AnnetteMy sister is a knitter. I kind of, occasionally, knit, but I would never refer to myself as a knitter. OK, I have a Ravelry account, but that's just so I can leave nice compliments on my sister's page. It's not that I dislike knitting, I just ... don't do it much. Here in SoCal, hand knits aren't high on the must-have list, you know? Except for socks, which, even in SoCal, I wear a couple of times a week.

So a few years ago I asked Nettie for advice on patterns and yarn for socks, and she kind of hesitated, before blurting out, "Do you mind NOT knitting socks? Can this be one thing I can do, but you don't?"

"Why sure," I replied. "But you know what this means: you have to keep me supplied with hand-knitted socks!"

Which brings me to today's Show & Tell. Nettie has fulfilled her side of the bargain admirably, and this week brought another awesome set of foot-coverings to my door. I now own four pairs of Nettie-made socks (there was another set a while ago, but I foolishly sent them to their felted death in the clothes dryer). I absolutely love them. I actually think they might be the prettiest pair of socks I've ever seen. What do you think?

Am I lucky to have such a nice sister, or what?


nettie said...

haha! I'm so glad you love them. I kinda love 'em too. I really like those flashes of teal.

Anonymous said...

They are gorgeous! Louise

the Domestic Goddess said...

I love them. The pattern is amazing. Nettie, can you knit me socks, too? It's freezing here in New Jersey :)

XoX tiffany

Anonymous said...

She must really love you and be a great knitter - wow these are beautiful!

deb did it said...

these are so yummy! I have a mom like this...she knits me stuuf I don't want or need...BUT LOVE IT ALL!!!

Alison said...

Wow - they are beautiful indeed. Lucky you - not being able to knit socks and having such a sister.

kt said...

you are so lucky I love the colors and the delicate design. I laughed when I read your post because my sisters and I have said the same things to each other at different times "Can I please just be the one to do this."