Friday, February 25, 2011

Taking the Oath

Two thousand strong
Today, just shy of 14 years after moving to America, I joined 2,001 others at Pomona Fairplex in making the Oath of Allegiance. Yep, I now have dual citizenship.
The oldest new citizen, aged 99The oldest participant was 99, and could walk unaided. Good for her! But I do wonder what benefits someone that age hopes to attain from citizenship, that she wasn't already getting from a green card. I mean, she's unlikely to get picked for a jury. Perhaps she just really wants to vote in next year's election.


The Hungry Crafter said...


Glenda said...

Congratulations =).

I love the woman getting her citizenship at 99. That's pretty awesome.

Sam said...

What a wonderful day! Welcome to citizenship. How will this change your life? In all the beswt ways, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

You'll always be as aussie as Russel Crowe to me sis. D

Wendee said...

Congratulations, Hashi!