Monday, February 21, 2011

Show and Tell Monday: Jewelry bowls

Deb asked about these, spotted in the background of another photograph, so I thought I'd bring them out as this week's Show and Tell.

I have a tendency to give away nearly everything that I make, so I'm glad that I kept a couple of these fabric 'jewelry boxes' that I made years ago. Inspired by Teesha Moore's fibre art, I fashioned each one from bits and pieces I had at hand, quilting each layer with running stitches, and embellishing with buttons, beads and lace.

Jewelry 'box'
Jewelry 'box'
Jewelry 'box'
Jewelry 'boxes'
Can you call it a box if it's soft and squishy, and has no lid? Maybe these should be called jewelry bowls instead.


africanaussie said...

Oh those are so pretty!

nettie said...

I'm glad you kept a couple, but I'm also very glad that you gave one to me!

kt said...

When is your shop opening:)! Seriously these would sell like hotcakes.
I love them!

Wendee said...

These are so gorgeous! I'm very inspired!!

deb did it said...

I have bowl envy.These are delicious

the Domestic Goddess said...

Love em! Are you selling them?