Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Bullet dodged

Tropical Cyclone YasiImage from
I spent about 24 hours glued to the online news and twitter feeds, concerned for my kids in the path of the monstrous Tropical Cyclone Yasi. I now know that they are fine. The eye passed to the north, and they didn't even lose power. My son, in fact, left town the day before so missed out on the 'fun'. For me and mine, all is well. For others, not so much.

Besides the folks who lost their homes and livelihoods, the whole country is going to be feeling it for a while. At the bare minimum, bananas are going to be crazily expensive again for a season or two.


nettie said...

I've been thinking of them, yesterday, last night and today, and wondering if you were in touch. So glad they are safe and well.

kt said...

hashi so happy that they are safe boy that was very close!

deb did it said...

giving thanks...whew