Thursday, March 24, 2011


From RachelSometimes we make mistakes. Sometimes we make expensive mistakes. And sometimes, just sometimes, those who are affected by those mistakes give you flowers and tell you that it doesn't matter, that you're still a good person.

This is what forgiveness looks like. I've received flowers and a little note many times in my life, and they've always been lovely, but this time, this time, this seemingly simple gift plucked the feeling-like-shit badness right out of my heart and tossed it out of sight. In one instant, I felt forgiven, absolved. Do you know what that feels like? It feels like flying.

I don't think my co-worker will ever know how much it meant to me. But it's got me thinking ever since. Thinking about the incredible gift of forgiveness, and how I want to extend it to others.

Because we're all human. We all mess up sometimes. But we're still good people, and it'll all turn out alright.


Rhea said...


eviecarling said...

Hashi, what a beautiful job you did at capturing this moment and how it made you feel. May Rachel get the pleasure of knowing how much lighter she helped to make your heavy heart this week.

As mentioned via email, anytime you would like to discuss from whence this beautiful act of kindness originated, I am here.

It is what fills my heart with utter joy each matter what.

Love, Evie

Lola said...

You're wonderful! You deserved that. I love Rachel!