Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cruising to Santa Cruz

Yesterday I drove 300-odd miles north through intermittent rain to a quaint bed-and-breakfast in Carmel-by-the-Sea. I stay in B&Bs whenever I get the chance, because I have a half-serious desire to own my own one day. I think.

This was the weekend I planned to camp at Henry Coe State Park, but the inclement weather had me seeking drier accommodations. There'll be plenty of time for camping in the summer.

By 10AM this morning I was ensconced in the living room of my pal Doña in Santa Cruz, cooing at her adorable 7-week-old. After practicing my baby whisperer skills, sipping tea and chatting for several hours, I headed a little further north to another of my calendar State Parks, Pigeon Point Light Station Historic Park.

(To anyone contemplating this drive: I recommend stopping at Pie Ranch for a leek galette. Yummy!)

Pidgeon Point Light Station Historic Park
Pidgeon Point Light Station Historic Park
Pidgeon Point Light Station Historic Park
Pidgeon Point Light Station Historic Park
Pigeon Point Light Station Historic Park
Basking sealions
The lighthouse keeper's quarters now operate as a hostel. Have you ever stayed in a hostel? Back in the 70s our family traveled around Europe and enjoyed these inexpensive accommodations (then called "Youth Hostels" though you didn't have to be young to stay in them.) I don't see many here in America, and I'm interested to note that the organization's logo has not significantly changed in all this time!

Tomorrow: Henry Coe.


Penny said...

Weather or not it sounds like a lovely break.

Rhea said...

Hostels just aren't big in the states anymore, but the are around. There's a couple hiding in Venice and San fran, so I've heard from backpacking friends. I can NEVER imagine your mum staying in one.....

Lola said...

These photos are amazing! I would love to see them framed in a house somewhere.. they would make a room feel like a vacation. Maybe they can go in your B&B someday :)

Michelle said...

When we "did" the West Coast of the US about 6 years ago, we hostelled everywhere we went, usualy at IYHs. It was awesome. The one on Glisan St in Portland, especially so.

I really wanted to stay at the Pigeon Point hostel, but we decided, stupidly, to stay at a 2 star hotel in Santa Cruz instead. Next time, though ...