Sunday, March 27, 2011

Henry Coe State Park

Henry Coe State Park entranceAt over 87,000 acres, Henry Coe is the second largest state park in California. I did a five mile hike, which of course only gave me a small sampling of the park's diversity, but it definitely seems worth a return visit. Northern California is so different from Southern. It's so much wetter and greener.
Little waterfallThere were lots of little rushing creeks ...
Love that moss
Mossy tree... pretty moss ...
Wild flowers
Wild flowers... and signs of spring. The ranger told me to come back next month for a better wildflower show, but I think I'll wander out to the desert then.

Coe Memorial
May these quiet hills bring peace to the souls of those who are seeking. Ahhh, yes. They did. Thank you, Henry Coe.

And now I'm home, showered, and ready for bed, tired and happy re another more than satisfactory little solo getaway.


nettie said...

Makes me want to go walking too. With you!

dina said...

Beautiful and relaxing. Nice.