Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Commuting blues

Why my commute took so longFor the past two days, my commute has taken waaaaay too long. Two hours in the evening (up from 1.25 hours), because of rain damage to one lane of Pacific Coast Highway. Then today my morning commute was a crawl, courtesy of a burst water hydrant in Malibu.

I am so looking forward to moving much, much closer to work. It's the bright spot in all the sadness that's currently going down.


Dan said...

That's crazy. Takes me 15 mins and I whinge when there is three cars are in front of me at the Coolum roundabout!


Rhea said...

Any time NOT spent in a car is a good good thing.

Oh and I've got you beat Uncy Dan, I walk about 3 minutes down the street lol.

Tui said...

I came across this link and thought of you immeidatly http://www.prudentbaby.com/2010/12/diy-simple-stunning-living-succulent.html#more Maybe you could make a one after you move.
Mum. I love you.