Friday, March 18, 2011

The Last Date

IMG_1356Three days before the seventh anniversary of our first date, we went on what will probably be our last date.

You keep it up, you try so hard
To keep a life from coming apart
Never know what breaches and faults are concealed
In the shape of a heart
In the shape of a heart
In the shape of a heart
-Jackson Browne


Penny said...


Rhea said...

I'm so so sorry I couldn't answer the phone. I was at work with customers standing in front of me. If I'm up late enough I'll skype you this morning, if not then when I wake up. I love you, and my heart is feeling yours.

SEWN said...

I am not sure what's happening, but as someone who has started over at least 3 times for various reasons in life, I can say with surety that you can do it even though you think can't. I am holding you in my thoughts.

Lola said...

Too sad. Lynne & I are sending you lots and lots of Love.