Monday, May 30, 2011

Art in the Streets

Art in the Streets, an exhibition of graffiti and street art, is the best thing I've ever seen at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA. If you're in SoCal, you might want to get yourself down to Little Tokyo to check it out.
Kenny Scharf
Lee Quiñones
This was near a Banksy exhibit (not sure if it's his work though)
Shepard Fairey
Os Gemeos
SWOON (my reaction and the artist's name)
I had camera issues (well actually I had iPhoto issues at download) and I lost a lot of my pics (yes, you're allowed to photograph the exhibits). Some I managed to salvage back from Instagram (thank goodness I did a few quick uploads while I was there.)

But I think you get a bit of a feel for the experience from these varied shots. It was such a visual overload! So much talent, so much energy! Wonderful stuff.

Click on the pics for credits.

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