Sunday, May 08, 2011

May 8

I am a painter.

Portrait 1
Portrait 2
This one moved Katie to tears. Wow.
Portrait 3
Portrait 4
Portrait 5

I am so very happy that I had this art class booked for this weekend. It was exactly what I needed, to get me out of the crazy places in my head. The experience of the past two days, the rekindling of my painterly spark, and the message waiting for me on my return home have all contributed to a new sense of peace.

Thank you, universe. Thank you, Katie.


Penny said...

Oh wow Hashi, these are mind blowing. Keep it up and dont let things get in the way. I just love, love them, wish I could do as well.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you painting again...I miss that and so much more.

Anonymous said...

The eyes are heavy with tears on the face that moved the teacher.
Moving indeed.

deb did it said...

paint paint paint more more more! These are fantastic! YES! YOU ARE A PAINTER!