Sunday, May 15, 2011

My new studio

How lucky am I? Let me count the ways.
Studio, before.
(1) My new place includes not just a sewing room, but an art studio (an empty 13' x 19' room in the back yard.)
Studio floor, after.
(2) My husband is kind and generous and continues to be good to me.
(3) He found me some free floor covering, that had previously been used on a set.
(4) He delivered it in his big truck, and spent the entire day helping me lay it and move in my furniture.
Studio, partially unpacked.
(5) Then we went in said truck to Home Depot and got the materials for a ginormous table.
(6) My new studio has a ton of wall space, which my previous one (lovely as it was) lacked.

Lucky, right? Oh yes. I will post more pics when I am more settled in and am busy making art in there.

But I have to say, right now, I feel so very very blessed. I want to stay in this place of gratitude; rather than making myself sick over what I don't have anymore.


Anonymous said...

It was a wonderful day with a wonderful woman. . May your beautiful new space bring you inspiration for tons of artwork for the world to enjoy! You are lucky and loved!

deb did it said...

WOW!! This space is AMAZING! So bright and BIG! Can't wait to see how you fill it!

Lola said...

It's WONDERFUL!!!! I can't wait to watch the metamorphosis of the walls! And to have our first Crafternoon there! Awesome...I'm so happy for you! And, yes, he is a very good & kind man indeed..