Saturday, May 21, 2011

May 21: Carmine & Round Top

Until about 18 months ago, Deb and Matt operated a bed and breakfast out of their two-story Queen Anne style Victorian home. Then a busted pipe flooded the house while they were out of town, wreaking major damage. Since then they have been slowly and lovingly renovating, one room at a time.
Deb making breakfast
Halloween cat
Deb's backyard
Deb and Matt's Airstream
In Deb's kitchen
Breakfast over, it was time to go exploring. So what is there to see out there in the middle of nowhere?

You have no idea!!

With no preamble whatsoever, Deb took me to the Round Top Festival Institute. My jaw was on the floor as I stood in the most incredible concert hall, claimed by many to be one of the five best in the world.
Concert Hall at Round Top Festival Institute
Concert Hall at Round Top Festival Institute: Chandelier and ceiling detail
Concert Hall at Round Top Festival Institute: ceiling detail
Concert Hall at Round Top Festival Institute: stage
Round Top Festival Institute
I was speechless. How did this come to be? How long has it been here? Why is this place here in the middle of cow fields? You can read a little of the Institute's history here.

There are many lovely buildings on the 200 acre campus, including a charming chapel.
Stone pathway
Spiral staircase
Still in a daze, I was persuaded by Deb to let her photograph me on the grounds. I haven't been snapped by a professional since childhood! It was fun!
Deb Did It
Then, after a beer and pizza at the Stone Cellar, a browse through Round Top's art galleries, and a quick visit to the world famous Royer's Café, it was time for a nap!
Preparing to nap
All too soon, it was wine o'clock. Ah, this is the life!
On the front porch at Heritage Haus
On the front porch at Heritage Haus


deb did it said...

oh Hashi...COME BACK!!!....Carmine misses you....this is a fantastic visual. I love seeing my place thru your eyes!

Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds wonderful!!

eviecarling said...

Kudos to the photographer..and the subject!

Hashi, just look at yourself! You're glowing!

One wouldn't know you were/are processing something so big and heavy by the light in your lovely face!

Well, perhaps the wine helps..but the light is radiating from your beautiful soul.

May you continue to shine.

Namaste. xo