Monday, September 05, 2011

Bedroom Makeover

Whew. WHAT a busy two days it's been. I painted my bedroom at last. But I didn't stop there. I ended up with a complete makeover of the room. Come in and see ...


This was my room on Saturday. I'd done nothing to it since I moved in four months ago, with a bed, two bookshelves, a daggy old pine nightstand, and a trunk. The pale blue/grey bedding didn't go with the creamy yellow walls. It was stark. Ugly, even.


Here's another view. No wonder I didn't like being home. Ack.

But now ....

Bedroom, after

The walls are Pensive Sky, a little darker in the blue-grey family than the bedding. First up, I stacked the two bookshelves (need to strap them together, and to the wall; this is earthquake country).

Bedroom, after

I bought these curtains at Ikea. Sure, I could have made them, but I was going for the quick gains. I did line them with blackout fabric before hanging them. I have not been sleeping well since I got back from Australia, and I'm hoping that a very dark room will help. The strip of fabric on the pink chair was my inspiration for the color palette.

Bedroom, after

Here's the fabric again, made into a king pillowcase.

Bedroom, after

I painted the nightstand red, and (after spending a little time lusting after Anthropologie draw pulls) covered the knob with a motif from the feature fabric. The round red rug came from Ikea.

Bedroom, after

The lampshade, formerly green, I painted Indian Yellow. This turned out to be a bad idea, as it's now very opaque. A bedside light is not much use if it only shines up and down, not out. I'm going to have to rectify this situation.

Bedroom, after

The trunk still holds the spare blankets, but now it's sitting on the little blue rug that used to be beside my bed.

Bedroom, after

I have yet to hang art on the walls. This Misty Mawn painting is just sitting here waiting for me to get or create some larger pieces, then I'll figure out where to put them all.

Bedroom, after

One more thing: I made curtains for the little window in my ensuite bathroom. (Rhea, you will recognize the fabric.) I don't need them for privacy, but I like the cuteness!

I am quite worn out, but so happy with the results! Besides paint, the only things I bought were the curtains and hardware ($52) and the rug ($10). What a difference! I can't wait to go to bed tonight.

I think I deserve some new pyjamas now :-)


evie said...

Oh, Hashi. I'll have to swing by sometime to see it in it's entirety! Bravo, Lady!

So, please let me know how you sleep tonight.


Penny said...

Nothing like a make over to make you feel better.

Wendee said...

Wow. That's a lot of work!! Looks fabulous! And, yes, I highly recommend new pyjamas! ;-) You certainly deserve 'em.

deb did it said...

love, LOVE it all...such a cozy little nest!