Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Out on the town

At the theatre

Saturday night: War Horse at the Lincoln Center. The storyline was maybe a little bit hokey, but the theatrics were incredible.

Sunset over the projects

The gorgeous sunset on the way there was pretty awesome too. What a fabulous New York night out.

Sunday night: Rochelle and I checked into our hotel in Cranbury NJ at around 10PM local time. It only felt like 7PM to us, so we asked the front desk girl where we could go out for a drink. "NOW?" she asked incredulously. Um .... yeah. Now.

She directed us down a dark country road to Dock's Corner Tavern, which I see described on Yelp as a "fun little dive bar in the middle of nowhere." Dive bar? Check. Middle of nowhere? Check. Fun? Sure, if you like snaggle-toothed guys enthusiastically hugging you.

We escaped with our virtue intact at around midnight, with said snaggle-guy waving from the front step as we drove away.

This is Rory, the eccentric waitress at Canbury Inn.

Monday night: Rochelle, Beth and I had a lovely dinner at an historic restaurant. We were entertained by waitress Rory's deadpan humour (at least, we think she was trying to be funny; it was hard to tell) and her equally 'interesting' son, who told us in an unvarying monotone how excited he was to be in culinary school, and how beautiful his pregnant girlfriend is. Then he pulled out his phone to show us evidence of this fact.

It was all quite, quite bizarre. Especially when Rory visibly blanched when I ordered the tilapia. Didn't I know that tilapia was a bottom feeder? Her husband would never let her order that.

Rory's Angels

Rory let me take her photo in exchange for taking one of us girls playing silly-buggers. At least, Rochelle and I were. Beth just did her best Christmas card pose.

Cranbury NJ

Leaving the restaurant, we (of course!) decided to wander through the pitch-dark graveyard across the road. Thank goodness for iPhone flashlights, that's all I can say.

Microbrewery on the Princeton University campus

At this point, the West Coast contingent was ready to keep partying, so Rochelle and I drove into Princeton to the Triumph Brew Pub.

We were hoping for some dance music but I guess Monday night just isn't party night in New Jersey. So we shared their sampler beers and called it a night.

Tuesday night: I flew home. Back to the real world.

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