Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend goodness


I've joined the VFF cult. Yes, I am sporting these incredibly weird and ugly 'shoes'. They. Feel. Amazing. While I would love to, I am not going to wear them to work. But I absolutely am going to wear them while exercising.

I trail-tested them this morning in Runyon Canyon. For the most part I walked on the dirt beside the paved track so that I could test out the almost-barefootedness. I loved feeling the actual ground, with all its irregularities.

Street art in Runyon Canyon

My ankle didn't hurt at all. I never once felt like this guy. I am a Vibram Five Fingers convert.


See my new header? I just finished SCRIPTschool with the passionate, creative, and hyperactive Kal Barteski. It was fun learning to use a sumi brush and delectable creamy gouache.

Kal asked us to pick a phrase that had personal meaning and practice it over and over and over, trying different letterforms each time. Back in my teen years, "Love the one you're with" was an excuse for promiscuity. Now, it speaks to me of self-love. Instead of pining for the love I once had, I am reminded to love the one who's right here in this room: me.

The act of writing out the phrase twenty, thirty, forty times was very meditative and therapeutic. I see a LOT more brush scripting in my future.


Penny said...

Love the new header, but what on earth are those shoes??? Never heard of them they look really weird, but if they are wonderful to walk in I need them, but probably cant get them in Oz.

deb did it said...

hmmmm...lots of my friends love them,,,ya know those webbed weird feet ...and oh your beautiful scripting....really cool.