Tuesday, September 27, 2011

There's just something about you

Fire escape garden, 48th St

Ahh, New York. Stinky, muggy, noisy, dirty New York.

Saxophone busker under Driprock Arch

I think I like you better when I visit – or rendezvous – with a friend or lover, but this time I made new acquaintances, and that was wonderful too.

Froth and bubble

I love to arrive, but I am never heartbroken to leave you, because I know you'll be here when I am ready for more of your crazy cacophony.

Bergdof Goodman window

You beguile yet exhaust me, New York. I will never hear all your stories, though I visit you a hundred times.

#centralpark #manhattan #newyorkcity

There is always another neighbourhood, another show, another friend to make or meet in another season. There is always another reason to return.

NY sunset

And so, I know I will. See you next time, New York.


Olivia said...

Love this set of photos - especially the colourful shop window one (is that what it is?)

Michelle said...

Fantastic photos, Hashi. So looking forward to visiting again.

deb did it said...

WOW!! What fun fotos....makes me want to go...never been to NY