Thursday, August 24, 2006

August 24

I'm having a lovely evening alone in my studio. I don't know why I created such a sad girl -- probably because I don't know how to draw happy faces that don't look frozen or clownish.

This recent series has been created on covers torn from hard-cover books. This one -- some kind of Russian novel -- had a corrugated surface which has lent its texture to the finished item. I like it.


Karen said...

Hashi, I hope your mum is doing better. I'm sorry I hadn't the opportunity to ask about her sooner. I remember hearing her voice when she called us ... she sounded so bright and friendly. I hope that she will recover from the aphasia. It is a long road as my MIL experienced post-stroke life for 20 years. Getting good speech therapy as soon as it's possible will help a lot.

Alison said...

this one is lovely despite the sorrowful expression

Ester said...

I also love that texture from corrugated board. This is a really beautiful painting. I think the sorrow in her face is what makes this so beautiful. We can't know happiness unless we have pain too, so it has it's own beauty. I like your work very much.