Sunday, August 06, 2006

August 6

I call it a quickunpick, because that's what my mum called it. Was/is that a brand name? Here in America it's known as a seam ripper, I believe.


Alison said...

A lovely little drawing - and I call it a quickunpick too - I think it was a brand name - much nicer than seam ripper.

Julie Oakley said...

Yeah a seam ripper sounds like some violent criminal's weapon of choice. You've drawn it perfectly, of course I haven't seen one for donkeys years, not since I decided that sewing was not going to be part of my remit as a mother.

Jana Bouc said...

Your drawing makes each item appear to be a sacred object to be revered. I love this one! When I used to sew a lot I had one of these -- well I still do in my sewing kit but haven't used it in years, though I was fond of it back in my sewing days. I gave my sewing machine to my son's girlfriend since it wasn't getting any use here.