Sunday, July 25, 2010

July 24

Last night's dinner party was so perfect, I don't want to take down the table setting this morning. The mix of guests was just right, the conversation was warm and wide-ranging, the food was lovely and not-too-much, the cleanup was easy (thanks to Lauren) ... I'm still glowing.

It feels so RIGHT to cook and feed my friends. Is there a way I can make a living at this?


Beck said...

You cook your friends?? lol

Hashi said...

Er ... "to cook, and feed my friends"
Or ... "to cook for, and feed, my friends"

aracne said...

Cooking for the people we cherish can be very rewarding.
It leaves me with a sense of accomplishment because then cooking becomes an act of love.

Rhea said...

Please mum, take it from someone that knows, trying to make money from it will take most of the joy from it and replace it with stress. Sorry to sound like a downer, but I think it's all the sweeter being a gift.