Friday, July 09, 2010

July 9

Josh and I tossed around a lot of ideas for our anniversary getaway, and settled on something low budget and different. We drove 100 miles to Lake Elsinore, stayed in cheap hotel, and watched a Minor League baseball game.

Did you know that Lake Elsinore has an awesome(!!) dress shop? Well, it does.

It also has a man with a white curly moustache who managed to eat his loaded hot dog without also consuming his facial hair.

I really enjoyed the game. It was so much more laid back than a major league game, and the best seats in the stadium were only ten bucks each! That's my kind of entertainment budget :-)

I loved the look on this kid's face. He was on tenterhooks as his favourite player came up to bat. Priceless!

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evie said...

What a beautiful child -- and what a positive, expectant expression he bears, eh? So sweet!