Friday, July 30, 2010

July 30

I took a 'summer day' off work today, and powered through my 'to-sew' list.

I completed my first Ottobre project, and it's just as stinkin' cute as it looked in the magazine. Even though I made both the pants and top the same size (74cm), it seems to me that the pants will fit a much smaller baby than the top will. Without having a baby handy to try them on, I am going to hope for the best; if the garments can't be worn at the same time, they'll still work separately in different seasons, so it's all good.

I also made a bunch of trinket keepers for some upcoming boys' birthdays. Easy and fun.

While clearing off the sewing table in between projects, I found a visitor on the side of my ribbon box. I don't usually kill spiders, but this one had to go.

Tomorrow: more felt food. A button tree. A cushion cover. Removable covers for our office seats. Burp cloths. And a young lady's purse. Purse is done. Photo tomorrow.


Rhea said...

Tony likes the trinket keepers *hint* lol. Love you

deb did it said...

you are having SEW much fun...carry on!

Hashi said...

Rhea, it seems even big boys need somewhere to keep their 'stuff' ;-)

donab said...

I love the little velvet pants! Which issue are these patterns from?