Friday, January 28, 2011

Art in the afternoon (or, feeding my soul)

This has been a challenging (aka 'sucky') week. I've let stress at work and sickness at home erode my equanimity. I planned to take today off work, to catch up on other pressing things that were weighing me down, but by late morning I was in the office, putting out fires. Not because my colleagues couldn't or wouldn't cover for me today, but because I was too stressed to let them.

Shovelling down a late lunch while blog-surfing, I was suddenly gob-smacked by this post from Mary Ann Moss. "Lately LA is blooming with light... These are days for walks & drives. To slowly roll by cottages tucked into verdant hillsides, stroll by gardens, and doorways." Um, yeah!! It's totally gorgeous out there! So why am I at work on my day off, with my shoulders up around my ears? Within minutes, I shut down my computer, and got out of there.

I considered a walk on the beach, or a hike in the hills, but the idea that appealed most was ... LACMA. It's been way too long since I was there. So I headed cross town to the LA County Museum of Art.
Sage, La Brea Tar Pits
Pavilion for Japanese Art, LACMA
B. Gerald Cantor Sculpture Garden, LACMA
Urban Light, LACMA
Windy day
Admission is free after 5pm on weekdays. I filled the couple of hours till then by wandering the grounds, browsing the gift store, painting with Korean brushes in the Boone Children's Gallery, and finishing my current book. By 5pm I'd forgotten why I'd felt so burdened earlier. Another hour or so in the galleries and there was a definite perk to my step and smile on my face. This is SO important: I must remember what feeds my soul, and take regular and frequent doses.

Thank you for the nudge, Mary Ann. I owe you one.


mary ann said...

hashi really glad to know about the free admission after 5 pm. my school is a hop skip and jump from LACMA. must get there one of these golden days after school for a photoshoot! you've got a keen eye. love your photos...

Penny said...

Glad your day turned out so well in the end. Stinking hot here and for the next week.