Sunday, May 14, 2006

May 14

Inspired by Julie's landscapes, I'm trying to look up and out at the bigger image, instead of just focusing on small things. So on today's walk I drew the "wash" behind our house -- our back fence is just beyond the little bridge in the background.


Alison said...

We call these 'storm drains' - they can flow pretty ferociously - if ever it would properly rain - sigh. Nice drawing

Julie Oakley said...

I think the difficulty with the bigger picture is having to edit out - you can't draw every leaf on every tree, but what do you include? I think that's what can be helpful about drawing in the mist or at dusk, some of the editing is done for you.

It's really interesting to see where you live, so please more of both landscapes and the little things

Lindsay said...

Hashi, this looks so familiar. My mother in law lives in LA and we bike down paths that parallel this kind of view.
Love the perspective

Laura said...

Wonderful perspective and deep space, Hashi!