Thursday, May 04, 2006

May 4

I thought Romy was coming home from hospital today, so I walked to her house (3000 steps) to lend her a book. I learned, when I got there, that her neurosurgeon decreed this morning that she should stay under his supervision for a few days longer. Poor Romy; she's going stir crazy in that place.

On the way home I drew more plants on fences -- do I have a theme going here? This time it's nasturtiums, of which I am very fond. I love their colours, their brash rampant growth, and the pungent, peppery leaves, shaped like Lisa Simpson's hair when new, but rounding out as they grow.


Alison said...

I love the shape of the leaves. Mine have been plagued with cabbage white butterflies this year and are now getting to flower after the first frost has hit.

Marie-Dom said...

Thisis just so lovely. I love the line work. Also love your new top and your new bag. You are very creative.

Julie Oakley said...

The other thing I love about nasturtiums is that they are foolproof if you want a child to plant a seed and see something grow.