Wednesday, May 03, 2006

May 3

I walked Lauren to school this morning, and on the way back drew this flowering vine (anyone know what it's called? It looks like wisteria, but with white flowers.)

I haven't been doing much sketching lately. It shows.


Deb H said...

It probably is wisteria. It comes in whaite & pink varieties as well as the more common purples. I'm not that smart about plants, just looked it up!

Alison said...

Well we won't be able to do stunning sketches every day, some days will be rushed or we will just be out of sorts. It's just good to keep up the momentum. This is a sweet reminder of your walk, anyway.

Julie Oakley said...

Well I like it. I like the wobbly rectangle framing the drawing

Tui said...

mum, it is a white wisteria
I saw a photo of it in a book called "what plant is that"