Monday, May 29, 2006

May 29

Following Julie's lead, I walked to the garden centre to buy some more veggie plants and seeds for my garden. On the way, I stopped to sketch a sampling of the adjacent shopfronts in my eclectic neighbourhood.

Despite it being a public holiday, my garden centre was not too crowded, as it sits within the Memorial Day Parade route, so was not easily accessible by car this morning. I got to watch the marching bands and cheer squads warming up for their big performances. Lauren should have taken me up on the offer to accompany me on this pleasant outing. She would have loved it.


Julie Oakley said...

I love it. The mock tudor pub really amuses me. I don't imagine there's a single pub in the UK with the same name as this one! You and Laura are putting me to shame with your gardening. At the moment I'm cultivating a lot of hrrmm 'wild flowers'

Alison said...

What a lovely variety of shops - I, too love the pub - lovely drawing